Since 1999, Parcfilm is an AV production company, present in Bucharest. Over the years we had the time to explore all types of video production: we shot music videos, developed production services for foreign markets, did commercials, got involved in film production management, created and shot TV shows. From the beginning, Tudor Hristescu was the main shareholder of Parcfilm and coordinated the activity.

Parcfilm acquired a large spectrum of equipment, perfectly fitted for the market, that makes us an impeccable partner for efficient productions, extremely friendly money wise and backed by a 15 years’ experience in this area.

Parcfilm develops digital/web content for all kind of audiovisual media with the features and resolutions that the costumer requires in each and every situation. Our creative team in the back-office creates fun & on the brief screenplays for corporate films, image films, presentation films, explainer videos and documentaries. We also play with aerial filming.

Some kind of corporate curriculum vitae:
In the beginning, we shot music videos – over 100 of them, directed by Andreea Paduraru, Marian Crisan, Radu Jude, Hypno etc. That was the time when Razvan Cliza or Vlastimir Milanovici were the production managers that worked really hard and made the impossible possible.

The next logical step was to develop production services targeting foreign markets. Some serious projects were born then, mainly for Germany.

And then came advertising. It was the most auspicious time for commercials in Romania. Everyone in the industry had a commercial on the air. So we checked this too.

We should also consider the film production management: Tudor Hristescu was production manager for “The Death of Mr. Lazarescu”, directed by Cristi Puiu and “Tanase Business” documentary, directed by Ionut Teianu and post-production coordinator for “The Bear”, directed by Dan Chisu.

In the meantime we worked on some TV shows, too: we developed ideas and we take pride in the results. We really did just what we wanted. It all started with “” TV show (TVR2), whose name became “Homevideo” when it moved to Prima TV. It’s a must to mention the epic series “Moldova Planet”, as well as the bold shows of extreme sports and adventure ‘DNX Miorita Extrema”.