Photo session for Panasonic HC2020 Speakers

Photos: Balinth Hajagos Agency: Flota, producator Ilinca Nanoveanu Client: Panasonic Gmbh, Germany

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Photo session for Panasonic GA10 Speakers

Photos by Gin / Almost ready Agency: Flota, producator Ilinca Nanoveanu Client: Panasonic Gmbh / Germany

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Synevo – Invisible Doctors

A 2020 Parcfilm production for Headvertising / Synevo. Shot in Bucharest, Romania. Director: Tom Wilson DOP: Filip Bobo Producer: Tudor Hristescu Production Manager: Tudor Hermeneanu Editing: Alex Capatoiu VFX: Framebreed

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Time lapse projects

Parcfilm has been involved in many time-lapse projects along the way, meaning the capturing of long-lasting events through photos taken at smaller or larger intervals and then their editing in video sequences of just a few seconds. At first... Read more

Staropramen – People and tastes

Director / concept: Tudor Hristescu DOP: Andrei Oana Editing: Alexandru Capatoiu A Parcfilm production for V8 Interactive & Staropramen 2017

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Bucegi Mountains – a 4 seasons documentary

Script / Producer: Media One Director / DOP: Tudor Hristescu Editing: Tudor Chivulescu (spring), Emilian Floares (summer and autumn), George Oprea (winter)

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Fan Courier – The small choices bring the big changes

TV Commercial for Fan Courier, Romania. A Parcfilm production 2019. Agency: The Marks Director: Germain Kanda DOP: Eduard Parvu Editor: Alexandru Capatoiu

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DJI Phantom 2 drone & GoPro Hero 3+ (accident story)

With great enthusiasm this article also announces the acquisition of a DJI Phantom drone with Zenmuse 2D stabilization system, a drone specially designed for use with a cameraGoPro. But the story goes like this: At the end of March 2014 I went... Read more

Available lens list

Parcfilm has a wide variety of lenses suitable for any type of job, from video to photo. The complete list of equipments and prices can be found here. This is just the list of available lenses: By brand: Carl Zeiss Distagon T* 18mm f/3.5 Carl... Read more

There was a time when we filmed quite often on the movie; for those who started to become acquainted with the industry only after 2010 those times seem like fairy tales, but they existed, for good! Where do I want to go with this story: in... Read more