AXE – Vila 69

        DoP: Marius Iacob. Producer: Tudor Hristescu, Parcfilm Camera: SONY Z1e. &nbsp

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Kinetotherapy tutorial – Regina Maria

Shot on Panasonic AG AF 101 & Canon 5D MK III

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Orange film marathon

  Agency: Headvertising Client: Orange Romania Filmed with SONY Z1e and Sony Handycam with nightvision

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Orange – the film marathon

For a while (2006), Orange had the good habit of running a movie marathon, a movie viewing contest, in which all you had to do was stay in the room and watch the movies on the screen without interruption. In the hall were supervisors who had... Read more

Save the pencils from stress!

Here is a simple but very interesting project coming from Mullen Lowe, for CSALB – “Center for alternative dispute in the banking field”. Yes, it is better that they only used the initials in the spot The project started as a... Read more

Anna Lesko – Inseparabili

Director: Andreea Paduraru Director of Photography: Tudor Mircea Shot on 16mm Kodak film

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#robbieforgold – the video

Parcfilm joined the #robbieforgold project together with / Scriptmedia in the summer of 2019, through a photo shoot that we told more about here. We then started the discussions for the campaign video shooting, whose scenario... Read more